Advanced Wellbore Evaluations

Reduction in overall subsurface liabilities, improved frack stage configuration and less cementing / wellbore integrity challenges.

Data Analytics

Our Technologies Capture up to 4x more Wellbore data than current technology on the market.

Leverage Geonomics Cloud Technology for real-time 3D Wellbore imagery and Analytics.

Obtain Wellbore real-time data at fractions of current market costs.

Well Optimization

  • Geonomic data directly improves frack stage isolation and helps operators map out their best completion technology tool placement.
  • Increase production 10-40% depending on wellbore conditions & completions strategy
  • Identify natural, geological and seismically induced fracture networks on pad development

More Production
Extra Rig Time
More Wellbore Data

Core Technology

Perigon™ records a 360° open-hole x-y caliper + open hole thermal log providing geometry and temperature conditions in the wellbore. The 3D log indicates areas of washout or narrowing, critical for placement of packers and or centralization to ensure strong frack zone isolation and proper cement coverage. Wellbore fractures are also detected and allow for new engineering configuration strategies and rapid remediation location if leakage or breaching does occur. The 3D analytics package provides detailed navigation of the OPEN wellbore leading to advanced data based completion strategies, which generates cleaner increased volumes of production.

Our Partners

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