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Geonomic Research

Effects of wellbore irregularity on primary cementing of horizontal wells, Part 1: Large scale effectsView
Effects of wellbore irregularity on primary cementing of horizontal wells, Part 2: Small scale effectsView

Other Leading Industry Research

Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute – Energies DOI: 10.3390/en12030372: Mechanisms and Influence of Casing Shear Deformation Near the Casing Shoe, Based on MFC Surveys during Multistage Fracturing in Shale Gas Wells in CanadaView
Journal of Petroleum Science & Engineering – 122 (2014) 318 – 330: Evaluate the borehole condition to reduce drilling risk and avoid potential wellbore damages by using image logsView
Science Direct Reasearch Paper – Petrol. Explor. Develop., 2015, 42(3): 414-421: Calculation of micro-annulus size in casing-cement sheath-formation system under continuous internal casing pressure changeView
Energy Science & Engineering – DOI: 10.1002/ese3.869: Deformation and damage of cement sheath in gas storage wells under cyclic loadingView
SPE – 167749: Unconventional Reservoirs: Proper Planning and New Theories Meet the Challenges of Horizontal CementingView
SPE – 187080: Evaluation of Stimulation Placement Control in Cemented Sleeve CompletionsView
SPE – 189842: Hydraulic Fracture Placement Assessment in a Fiber Optic Compatible Coiled Tubing Activated Cemented Single Point Entry SystemView
SPE – 194318: Tying Horizontal Measurements to Well Performance Using Production Logs and Chemical Tracers in Multiple Wolfcamp Shale Wells, Delaware BasinView
SPE – 194371: New Near-Wellbore Insights from Fiber Optics and Downhole Pressure Gauge DataView
SPE/IADC – 194171: Experimental Studies on Cement Sheath Integrity During Pressure CyclingView