Advanced Wellbore Evaluations

Reduction in overall subsurface liabilities, improved frack stage configuration and less cementing / wellbore integrity challenges.

Accountability and profitability in the same play.

We are your environmental improvement plan.

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Data Analytics

Our Technologies Capture up to 4x more Wellbore data than current technology on the market.

Leverage Geonomics Cloud Technology for real-time 3D Wellbore imagery and Analytics.

Obtain Wellbore real-time data at fractions of current market costs.

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Well Optimization

Optimize Completions and Frac Stages using our proprietary AI technology.

Get up to 20% more production while improving your environmental foot print.

Zero extra rig time needed.

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Core Technology

Perigon™ records a 360° open-hole x-y caliper + open hole thermal log providing geometry and temperature conditions in the wellbore. The 3D log indicates areas of washout or narrowing, critical for placement of packers and or centralization to ensure strong frack zone isolation and proper cement coverage. Wellbore fractures are also detected and allow for new engineering configuration strategies and rapid remediation location if leakage or breaching does occur. The 3D analytics package provides detailed navigation of the OPEN wellbore leading to advanced data based completion strategies, which generates cleaner increased volumes of production.

Using our technology will help you achieve:

Reduction of surface casing vent flows and gas migration to surface.
Reduction in overall subsurface liabilities, improved frack stage configuration and less cementing / wellbore integrity challenges.

Get ahead of regulations by collecting and analyzing crucial data sets currently missing from all wellbore models.
We will take care of your environmental improvement plan, while also achieving you greater profits.


Friday, September 18th, 2020

Well Integrity And Abandonment Society

The mission of the WIA Society is to be the foremost community of professionals dedicated to designing, maintaining and sustaining wellbore integrity. The society will facilitate best practices by promoting access to technology and knowledge sharing providing leadership to industry and regulators.


Friday, September 18th, 2020

Orphan Well Association

Funded primarily by industry, the OWA’s job is to close wells, facilities and pipelines that do not have a solvent and responsible owner to protect people and the environment, and remove the potential risk of unfunded liability. The OWA is an independent, non‐profit organization that operates under the delegated legal authority of the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER).


Friday, September 18th, 2020

Technology Roadmap to Improve Wellbore Intergrity

In summary, regulations need to be updated to the current needs of the industry to allow for efficient improvement of wellbore integrity. The updates to regulations should be validated by data gathered following the scientific process. This is different from industry best practices. Industry best practices can be the result of trial and error and may not have been validated by science.


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