Perigon Technology

The Geonomic Perigon Caliper is an inline drilling application run 50m / 165ft behind the drill bit. An “intelligent” inline stabilizer assembly that remains dormant during drilling, and is only activated before tripping back to surface. Perigon records an open-hole multi x-y caliper & thermal variance log via compact memory while pulling drill pipe back to surface.

The log provides a 360° geometrical & thermal view of the open borehole after each drill section TD. Data is converted rapidly into 3D models for rapid analysis driving accurate & efficient wellbore engineering directly increasing production & life of well.

App screenshot

One saved production stage PAYSfor Perigon 3-6 times.

Map each open borehole section before you construct



Run Perigon behind drill bit on drill string, “BHA Compatible”

No extra rig time

No mobilization of crews or halting drilling operations

No trip speed limits

Wireless data transmission at surface